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Lawn Care

Lawn care?  What does this mean to your residential or commercial property?  Unfortunately too many people think of lawn care as just mowing.  Without a strong, healthy established lawn, there would be no mowing.


To a professional landscaper, mowing is the last step in creating a beautiful, thick, vibrant green lawn.  A lawn is a living plant that must be cared for above and below the ground year round.  The lawn is susceptible to underground insects, moles, fungus and other conditions that will destroy everything you have created.


A simplified approach would be the application of the proper fertilizer and iron 3 times annually.  Applications of insect and weed control, fungicides and lime applied at the proper time to maximize their benefits.  Blade and Petal is knowledgeable and experienced with the handling and application of these materials.  


For those who know the importance of professionals, trust their lawns to Blade and Petal Upscale Landscaping expertise.  Based in Columbia with service downtown, Southeast and Northeast divisions.

Blade & Petal is here to help.


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