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Lawn Maintanence

Lawn and Yard Maintenance – Richland and Lexington Counties

Having a gorgeous lawn or yard, whatever you want to call it, takes a lot of hard work and know how. There are things like turf diseases and insects that can reek havoc on your law, but don’t you worry we are here to help. As Columbia S.C’s most trusted and respected landscaping experts since 1994 we have helped homeowners and businesses keep their lawns gorgeous and virtually maintenance free. Well except for the yard mowing of course.

No matter what kind of grass species you have the heat and humidity of Columbia and the Midlands requires expert know how to ensure your lawn is in tip top shape.  Our services include making sure your yard is cut at the proper height to keep it from “cooking” and drying in the sweltering heat of the summer, and winterizing your lawn before the cold keeps the roots healthy and strong during the frost.

If you want your lawn to look like this one then contact Blade and Petal for help. We will come visit your home or office and give you a yard maintenance evaluation free of charge.


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